Trading Journal Spreadsheet 2024

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Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced trader, this trading journal spreadsheet is designed to help you take your trading to the next level. It’s packed with 4 powerful sheets and many features that make it easy to track your performance, analyze your trades, and more.

For beginners, it’s an excellent way to get started on the right foot by providing a detailed analysis of your trading history and identifying patterns and areas for improvement. Advanced traders can use it to fine-tune their strategies and make better trades by having a complete overview of their past performance.

The trading journal excel file contains 4 powerful sheets:

Dashboard – provides a wealth of information about your trading performance. It includes hourly performance, daily performance, monthly performance, equity curve, historical drawdown and more, all presented in easy-to-read formats.

Trading Journal – besides the trading journal sheet, it includes a dynamic dashboard at the top of the page for easy tracking of your trades, trading performance, risk management, account balance, real time results and more.

Complete Statistics – displays your trading performance in numbers, using pivot tables. This sheet allows you to see your performance by each individual strategy, markets, position type, days, hours and outcomes, providing a detailed analysis of your trading activity.

P&L Calendar – provides a clear view of your profits and losses, including insignificant losses that might otherwise be overlooked. The P&L calendar makes it easy to track and plan your trades, allowing you to stay on top of your trading goals even during losing days or weeks.

The dynamic dashboard at the top of the journal includes many features such as:

  • Filters by Hours, Markets, and many more
  • Total Trading Days
  • Total Trades
  • Average Trades per Day
  • Average Duration of Trades
  • Average “R” Winning Trades
  • Average “R” Losing Trades
  • Win-Rate
  • Risk to Reward Ratio
  • Maximum Drawdown
  • Number of Winning Trades
  • Number of Break-even trades
  • Number of Losing Trades
  • Number of Cut-Losses Trades
  • Number of Unfilled/Untriggered Orders
  • Largest Gain ($)
  • Largest Loss ($)
  • Profit Factor
  • Cumulative Gain/Loss (R)
  • Cumulative Gain/Loss (%)
  • Cumulative Gain/Loss ($)
  • Risk Exposure (real time)
  • Consecutive Wins/Losses
  • Minimum/Maximum Balance
  • Current Balance
  • Profit Factor
  • Live “Equity Curve” Chart


One side showcases the big picture of your overall results, while the other side shows results for selected trades.

With this second option, you can easily track your records and compare different markets or strategies and even more filters to fine-tune your analysis.


Adapting the risk after each trade has several advantages. By risking a percentage of the actual account balance instead of the initial balance, traders can reduce the impact of drawdowns on their account. This helps to protect the account and trade with more confidence, knowing that they are always managing their risk appropriately. Additionally, compounding after each trade increases profits over time. Compounding after each trade is a good way to increase your balance without having to do anything else in your trading activity.

Please see the video for more features, but not all!

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Last updated May 28, 2023

You'll get an .xlsm Microsoft Office Excel file. Along with the journal you will receive a PDF file contains instructions on how to use the trading journal.


Trading Journal Spreadsheet 2024

0 ratings
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